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Midwest Monitoring & Surveillance MMS Lab Services specializes in providing electronic monitoring systems Alcohol Kiosk Testing Lab Services and Drug Testing Products for law enforcement, Drug Courts, Health & Human Services, and County corrections applications. Midwest provides a significantly different approach to the monitoring of clients. Midwest provides high-quality, high technology remote offender monitoring, alcohol testing, tracking, and surveillance products. Midwest offers multiple systems and virtually unlimited flexibility to Law enforcement, Drug Courts, Health & Human Services, and County corrections A “true alternative;” Midwest provides a very high level of practical experience, know-how, and technological integration to provide for low cost, effective and efficient methods of monitoring, and holding offenders accountable.  Midwest works with our customers to create the services that will fit customer needs. Midwest monitoring provides a 24/7 call center and will do client installs 7 days a week. Midwest Monitoring works with the counties helping to maintain public safety. For more information you can contact Char Wilson ~ 612-590-9839 or visit our website http://www.midwestmonitoring.com 


We offer effective and affordable programs throughout Minnesota with campuses in Minneapolis, Brainerd, Duluth, Rochester, and Buffalo.  We offer both a long-term, faith-based recovery program and short-term licensed treatment program, allowing us to effectively sere individuals with a broad spectrum of addiction issues; from those seeking treatment for the first time, to those who have been struggling with addiction for many years.

Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge was recognized on Newsweek’s inaugural list of Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Minnesota for 2020.  Three MnTC locations were included in the top ten honorees based on Quality of Care, Quality of Service, Quality of Follow-up Care, and Accommodations & Amenities.  

Intoxalock has over 27 years of ignition interlock expertise and continues leading the industry with reliable devices, convenient locations and unbeatable customer support. With customers in all 50 states and more locations than any other ignition interlock provider, Intoxalock makes the process quick and convenient. In fact, Intoxalock has a location within 15 miles of over 91% of all customers.

Meuser, Yackley & Rowland, P.A., is the law firm that Minnesota workers and Minnesota's police officers, firefighters, corrections officers and other first responders call when they have been seriously injured on the job and want the very best legal representation on their side.  Our experienced attorneys practice exclusively in the area of workers' compensation, PERA/MSRS disability, and personal injury.  As such, we have the knowledge and depth of experience to protect and defend your immediate and long-term interests.  You can count on us to see to it that you receive every benefit and all the compensation that you are entitled to under the law - now and in the future.



180 Degrees provides short-term affordable housing in a 37-bed residence, structured programming, and case management.  Clients are supported to secure stable employment, maintain sobriety, and establish new living arrangements. 

Incorporated in 1873 the Duluth Bethel is one of the oldest private non-profit organizations in the region.  September 2021 will mark 148 years of continuous uninterrupted service to the community and region.  There are 92 beds in the Bethel facility, 45 corrections of which 15 are dedicated to female offenders, and 35 for men's chemical dependency treatment and 12 for women's residential treatment.  Other services include men's & women's Out-patient CD treatment, DWI Driving with Care Therapy and Driving with Care education, Female Offender Program, Electronic Monitoring, and Urine Collection for drug testing. 

 Our Mission: The Duluth Bethel is a spiritually grounded, private nonprofit organization offering individuals dignity, hope, and the opportunity to improve their quality of life through chemical dependency rehabilitation and community corrections services.

As the Minnesota Department of Corrections industry program, MINNCOR Industries maintains a delicate balance of providing works skills training to incarcerated individuals and premium products to customers while maintaining financial self-sufficiency. We take pride in serving our customers, from Minnesota State Agencies, to private non-profits, and everyone in-between. Our vast array of products and services are here to help your company grow and be sustainable. Our mission is to provide participants job skills training to support positive behavior and successful transition into the community, at no cost to taxpayers. We fulfill our mission every day with recidivism-reducing programs such as Bridge. MINNCOR Bridge provides three months of employment and work skills training in an outside the walls environment and is a partnership between MINNCOR and the DOC Work Release program.

About Fieldware

Fieldware developed OffenderLink Web-based Supervision Management System with integrated live support center as a collection of fully hosted programs designed to support the Corrections industry including Probation, Parole, Community Corrections and Pre-trial.

Fieldware’s goal with all of its programs/service offerings is to provide solutions that enable its agency clients to gain efficiencies in the supervision process while maintaining or increasing accountability of offenders and agents alike. In support of Evidence Based Practices (EBP), Fieldware clients use OffenderLink™ to more efficiently and more effectively manage growing caseloads and complex supervision tasks with greater ease, accountability and compliance using fewer resources. This in turn enables agencies to allocate additional resources to higher risk caseloads and on critical supervision tasks, rather than spending valuable and limited time on administrative tasks that can be accomplished through technology and automation. Program modules include:

Automated Telephone Reporting (ATR) – to automate or supplement face-to-face reporting for low-risk/low-need clients.

Automated Notification System (ANS) – to remind clients of upcoming appointments.

Provider Referral and Tracking (PRT) – for the integration of provider referrals, reporting, and case management into a common system.

Random Test Notification (RTN) – to automate and standardize the selection and notification process for clients required to submit to substance testing.

Primary Case Management (PCM) – for a fully-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) model comprehensive Probation/Pre-trial Case Management system.

Supervision Fee Management and Collections (SFM) – to standardize remittance processing and reduce the burden of debt collection from field staff.

All modules function within the easy-to-use web-based OffenderLink user interface. Fieldware already has a complex integration with CSTS to allow for rapid deployment of effective, targeted solutions.

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Nationwide Interlock

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Precision Kiosk

Specialized Treatment for Justice Involved Individuals

Partners In Recovery is a leader in delivering programming specific to justice involved individuals. We are proud to be one of the few providers in the State of Minnesota to offer cognitive behavioral interventions in conjunction with substance use disorder treatment.

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs offer up to 30 hours of in person programming each week. 80% of programming is evidence based and includes Decision Points, Trauma, Illness Management & Recovery (IMR) and Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT).Decision Points curriculum meets corrections requirements individuals often need to complete upon release. 

At Partners In Recovery, we recognize improved outcomes when we can assist an individual remove housing barriers early in recovery. Our metro locations in Roseville and Minneapolis provide sponsored lodging for individuals in Intensive Outpatient Programming.

Individuals also receive the support services of a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. Peer Recovery staff work assist in removing additional barriers to recovery such as food resources, medical and transportation needs, and employment assistance.

Partners In Recovery provides transportation/pick-ups from most county and state facilities and accepts all major insurance carriers as well as PMAP and CCDTF funding.

Treatment locations are in Minneapolis, Roseville, Hibbing, and Virginia. Same day assessments are offered. 

Visit us at www.pirmn.com or call 888-648-7652.

Prairie Lakes Youth Programs has juvenile facilities serving up to 86 boys and girls, 10 to 21 years of age, in Detention, Correctional Programming and Boys and Girls Group Home placements. 

Building New Beginnings

For 50 years, RS EDEN has been a leader in creating unique solutions to the challenges our community faces, including the entrenched, multi-generational poverty and systemic racism. RS EDEN supports Twin Cities individuals and families through programs that provide recovery from substance use, community reentry after incarceration, and safe and healthy affordable housing. 

RS EDEN’s Mission is to create thriving, just communities where healing occurs and new beginnings are possible. We envision a community built upon a shared commitment to wellbeing and equity, where individuals and families are free from injustice and anchored by generational resilience.

This new Mission and Vision is rooted in RS EDEN’s expertise and inspired by our history, while embracing a future that demands innovation. Our best work has always been accomplished through the power of community and it is through the creation of these healing environments that support can be built, safety can be sensed, harm can be repaired, and sustainable change is made possible. RS EDEN’s work is to help our clients reach a place where they can begin to heal from traumas, including racism, systemic injustice, homelessness, incarceration, mental illness, and addiction. Our work must include an emphasis on advocacy, to transform the systems that caused or allowed for the trauma in the first place. We are called to strengthen the communities we have, reach into the communities we can influence, and to keep working through the power of community until everyone is given the opportunity to thrive.

Visit rseden.org to learn more.

Founded in 2004, Securus Monitoring Solutions, a Satellite Tracking of People Company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is one of the largest single-source providers of comprehensive electronic monitoring solutions in the United States. A true technology innovator, Securus Monitoring Solution holds 25+ patents directly related to electronic monitoring and developed BLUtag®, the industry’s first one-piece GPS tracking device—now the industry standard. The company has over 700 customers in 43 States and the District of Columbia and operates in several international markets. For more information, please visit the SMS website at http://www.securusmonitoring.com or www.securustechnologies.com/monitoring.

Village Ranch provides a variety of treatment services that incorporate the most current research and best practices.  Our treatment services provide opportunities to develop and enhance skills that promote healthy dynamics for children ages 12-19 years old and their families.  Programming consists of residential long-term/short-term programming, Family Focus, structured outpatient sex offender programming (residents reside on-site), transitional services, adolescent female program, individual and family therapy, CTSS services, foster home placement, and chemical dependency programming.

Residential facilities:

  • Cokato (males age 12-19)
  • Annandale (females age 12-19)
  • Hutchinson (Transition Home for males ages 15-19)
  • Rochester (Transition Home for males age 15-19)

Volunteers of America MN and WI - A Minnesota Leader in Community Justice

With over 125 years of service to Minnesotans, Volunteers of America is one of the largest and most experienced human service nonprofits in the state. Our array of services allows us to understand the inter-connectedness of poverty, trauma, health, education, housing and criminality. Our Community Justice Division works with 2300 people a year in our two residential reentry centers and through our Amicus services.

Amicus provides one of the state's longest standing and most successful transitional mentoring programs for those leaving incarceration, and involves nearly 300 community members in active volunteer engagement with MN DOC inmates and those reentering society after a prison sentence. Amicus also provides several support groups and a drop-in center where people can find assistance in seeking employment, housing and more. 

Our Residential Re-entry Centers serve men and women who are allowed to complete part of their prison sentences in the community. This affords them the opportunity to restore community ties, obtain employment, and pay a portion of their care and supervision to the state or federal jurisdictions who have authority over them for the period of their stay.

VOA MN also offers a variety of residential treatment services, as well as evaluation and stabilization options, for at-risk youth who exhibit emotional and behavioral problems.


Dan Athmann and John Stanger, Financial Associates with Thrivent Financial, have over 50 years of law enforcement experience.  Dan and John specialize in helping police, fire, corrections, and other public safety personnel and their families by providing advice, guidance, investments, and retirement solutions.  Contact them today and mention MCA to receive a free one-hour consultation.  

The West Central Regional Juvenile Center is a co-ed facility offering secure detention, secure residential, non-secure detention, and independent living skill program services. The facility offers cognitive behavioral  programming, education services, and independent living skills programming. Residential treatment services and 30 day evaluations are available. The facility partners with outside agencies to provide trauma therapy, substance use disorder programming, sex offense specific programming, and medication management onsite.


Saint Mary's University's Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership program is a fully online program that prepares students to work and advance in various criminal justice fields, and to keep up with communities and a society that continue to evolve. From law enforcement, public safety, and private security to corrections, probation, the court system, and policy development, this program provides the knowledge and experience to aid students and the future of the criminal justice system to think and respond. Students learn to communicate and collaborate professionally and ethically, to consider the entire system when problem-solving, and to make short- and long-term decisions to improve the greater good. The program offers a generous credit transfer policy, including credit for Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST), continuing education, and military training.


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MCA Office 

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Phone: 651.462.8320

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