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Legislative/Adult Justice Committee

This Committee shall concern itself with studying proposed legislation in the fields of criminal law and corrections and prepare position statements that have Executive Board and President Approval. These efforts must be based upon nonpartisan analysis, study and research of specific problems within the scope of the correctional field, and all results and findings of Committee analysis, study and research shall be made available to the public.  All legislative activity of the Committee shall serve a public
rather than a private interest.

The Committee, with the concurrence of the Board of Directors, may support or oppose proposed corrections legislation; positions taken by the Committee must be consistent with our philosophy, mission statement and good correctional practice. Members representing the Association shall not indulge in practices, which could be construed as influence peddling or the placing of undue pressure upon legislators.


  • Provide a forum for discussion of legislative issues affecting Corrections, both juvenile and adult.
  • Develop a legislative platform that advances sound correctional practice.
  • Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with other professional organizations related to sound correctional practice.
  • Work to balance public safety, with the responsibility of assisting and motivating offenders toward pro-social change.
  • Inform the MCA membership of important legislative issues and seek their involvement in the legislative process.
  • Conduct a Legislative Update Workshop at the annual Fall Institute, and partner with others in participating in a "Capitol Day" event, and actively seek out key legislators to promote dialogue and advance the  Association's legislative platform

Thank you to everyone who attended the
2016 C
orrections Capitol Day
March 1, 2016 - DOC Central Office

Hosted by:  MCA, MACCAC, MACPO, MCCA and Volunteers of America

Legislative/Adult Justice Committee information:

Mark Bliven, Chair

Committee Members

Nathan Boyer - MN Adult & Teen Challenge
Dain Cain – RS Eden

Steve Dornbach – Retired

Tom Feddema – Wright County
Richard Gardell - MCA Juvenile Justice Committee Liaison

Mark Groves - DEED
Mark Haase - Attorney
Tim Haug - Cass County Probation
Kathleen Lonergan – DOC Liaison

Tammy Miller-Hess – DOC

Brian Moreau – DOC
Cal Saari - MCA Legislative Liaison

Charlene Washa – DOC



Legislative Tracker/Updates
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by Cal Saari
MCA Legislative Liaison

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