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Annual Training Institute Committee

This committee will plan the annual training institute.

  • Plan and organize an annual training institute that will meet the needs of the membership.
  • Provide training that will attract a diverse population of participants.
  • Promote teamwork in order to arrange a conference that will attract new members to participate in the planning process.
  • Offer a conference with quality programming within budgetary parameters.
  • Provide a venue for the annual Association business meeting.
  • Provide network opportunities for corrections professionals.

  • Click here for the Annual Training Conference Event Page

Annual Training Institute


Amy Moeckel
Ramsey County Corrections

Dan Raden
Department of Corrections

Shannon Fette
Ramsey County Corrections

 Annual Training Institute Sub-Committees

Tom Jungmann, Co-Chair
Ramsey County Corrections
Tom Redmond, Co-Chair
Ramsey County Corrections

Sherry Bohn
, Co-Chair
MCF-Oak Park Heights

Jason Mereness
, Co-Chair
Ramsey County Corrections

Dustin Bohn - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Brian Moses - GTL
Emmy Seidling - MCF-Rush City
Brent Sharon - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Tammy Wherley - MCF-Red Wing

Resource Fair
Kurt Heideman, Co-Chair

Raul Sanchez, Co-Chair
Ramsey County Corrections

Lonnie Danielson - MCF-Lino Lakes
Jason Hills - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Al Pfeilsticker - MCF-Red Wing
Jerry Wilhelmy - MN DOC

Program Committee

Mary Oberstar, Co-Chair
MN DOC Central Office

Christine Schweich, Chair
Ramsey County Corrections

Gary Atkins - MCF-Stillwater
Darnell Baker - MCF-Lino Lakes
Tom Beiring - MCF-Rush City
Pat Leibel-Beiring - MCF-Moose Lake
Stephanie Duhme - Rice County Corrections
Amanda Evenski - MINNCOR Industries
Margit Heald - MCF-St. Cloud
Chuck Hughes - MCF-St. Cloud
Cheri Humphrey - MCF-Moose Lake
Bryan Milliron - MCF-Stillwater
Shelli Monio - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Kayla Perkins, MCF-Red Wing
Melissa Peterson - MN Dept of Health Serv.
David Potter, MCF-Stillwater

Jolene Rebertus - MN DOC

 Registration Committee
Vicki Lanners, Co-Chair
MCF-St. Cloud
Jean Wipper, Co-Chair
MCF-St. Cloud

Arti Cunningham - MCF-Faribault
Mark Ehlenz - Retired DOC
Collin Gau - MCF-St. Cloud
Michelle Johnson - MCF-Faribault
Dora Krogh - MCF-Faribault
Andy Lieffort - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Rico Lopez - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Natalie Radich - MCF-Stillwater
Paula Wageman - MCF-Faribault


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